“CORE Respite Services offers a fantastic service for us. Our son absolutely loves going out with CORE regularly. Healthy lifestyle awareness, fitness, sport and interaction is at the centre of all activities and has formed an important part of our son’s life.

We would strongly recommend this service to other families. Becoming a member of CORE is easy and the guys offer guidance and support throughout all stage of the application.

Having choice is important for us all and using CORE Respite Services was the right choice for us and our son”.

Mr McLaughlin, Dunmurry

“I have found Gary and John to be very experienced in the field of learning disability. CORE provides a full day and a half day social respite. This works well for us as a family as this provides us with much needed respite, allowing us time for ourselves and to do the things families do together.  We don’t know what we would do if CORE wasn’t available for us.

They have a wheelchair accessible minibus which they pick people up in. This works great when they have a group going out on an all-day outing. Our sons are treated with dignity and respect and given the choice to decide where they would like to go. This gives my sons the power to make decisions and also promotes their independence”

Mrs Cole, (Parent) Dundonald

“Our Son, Adam, has been using CORE Respite Services since 2010, Adam currently uses the services 27 hours per week over 4 days. The service has provided Adam with opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities including swimming, bowling, pool and cinema. It has also provided him with a wonderful social outlet and allowed him to make new friends. The two leaders, Gary and John, are extremely well trained, committed and caring for the needs of the disabled and the service helps to enrich their lives.
We would thoroughly recommend the service to others with disabilities. In the past we have used other service providers but have found CORE to be the best”.

Paul and Ester Montgomery.

“I am delighted that this new service has been launched by CORE Respite Services. They have provided me with much needed respite care and given Simon the opportunity to meet and socialise with people of his own age. There is a lot of talk about providing our sons and daughters who have a learning disability with opportunities for social inclusion but in my experience it has not always been easy to access a service that can assist families to do this.

John and Gary come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with disabilities and they have both been very caring and considerate to Simons needs. Simon is really enjoying his weekly visits to the gym and CORE are doing a wonderful job in keeping him motivated and interested in his exercise regime,

Well Done!”

Karen Greig (Mother and Carer) Dundonald

“I have found CORE Respite Services to be a very valuable and flexible service. CORE gives Thomas an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and to try new activities. With the flexibility of CORE Thomas can pick his social break when he wants it. This way I can manage my time from week to week. Keep it going John & Gary, well done and keep up the great work.”

Mrs Cartmill (Mother and Carer): Belfast

“Our son Ciaran goes out with CORE Respite Services at least once a month. I have found CORE to be an invaluable service for Ciaran, one which he really enjoys. CORE gives Ciaran a much needed social life and in turn gives us his family much needed respite also. Ciaran has so much fun when he’s out. We would love him to go out every week”.

Mrs O’Kane, Belfast

Core respite services are a wonderful service and I’m delighted with the level and quality of care and service they provide for my sons….it’s such a valuable service for my family as it offers me peace of mind knowing that Corey and Ethan are being well looked after by very helpful and friendly staff while enjoying themselves and learning essential social interaction and communication skills that will benefit them throughout their lives…I cannot recommend them highly enough

Lorraine Nesbitt (mother and carer) Belfast

I have been using C.OR.E. Respite Services over the past 4 years for my son Conor who has autism.  We mostly use the day trip out on Saturdays which benefits everyone.  I get the respite and the freedom to make plans for a day out myself while Conor loves the company of John, Gary and the staff as well as the craic he has with being out with a group.   From the first day Conor has loved his trips out.  Each month John and Gary provide a timetable of activities so we can plan in advance what Conor wants to take part in.  They always ensure the trips are fun and more importantly that they are appropriately aimed at the ages of the group. I have no hesitation in recommending C.O.R.E.  John, Gary and the staff are always punctual, kind, friendly and I feel Conor is totally safe and well looked after when he is out with them.  I wish C.O.R.E. many years of success ahead.

Sheena Cashell (mother and carer)

“My son and I are both delighted we found out about CORE. They pick up and drop off at your door and you know your child is safe and happy with them, while you get a few hours peace. My son really enjoys it and we would recommend CORE”.

Mrs Adams

My son Andrew has been availing of Core Respite Services over the past five years. He enjoys the activities mixing with other clients the staff are very very caring and supportive. They go above and beyond their duties. They make a point of always celebrating each client’s birthday giving them a special day with all their friends at Core. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all Core Respite Staff

Mrs Nawaz