1. Who can use CORE Respite Services?
    Anyone can use CORE Respite Servicesif they have a Learning disability / Learning difficulty.
  2. What age do I need to be to use CORE Respite Services?
    You can use CORE Respite Servicesfrom the age of 13 years upwards.
  3. Who pays for my social outings?
    Nearly all the individuals that use our service is receiving Direct Payments from their Health Trust. There are individuals that are new to our service receiving financial assistance by way of a Personal Budget from Self Directed Support, again from the Health Trusts. The other option is to pay for the service privately meaning you can buy the service when it suits you.
  4. Can you help me with my medication?
    Unfortunately CORE Respite Servicesare unable to administer medication, other than emergency medication. However, we can remind you when you need to take your medication at the proper time. So provided you can take the medication i.e. Open the bottle / blister pack we can advise you when to take it.
  5. What’s the difference between CORE and employing someone to support me?
    When you use CORE for your social outings there is no book keeping to do, but when you employ someone you will need to look after their tax, mileage, holiday pay etc. or you can get a company to do that for you (for a small fee). When buying in CORE Respite Services we do all that ourselves and you don’t need to worry about holding back funds for Holiday pay. We monitor the staff training, look after police vetting/ Police checks. We pay for employee’s insurance. When staff are on Holiday there will usually be no break in your service as we will endeavour to replace staff.
  6. Do I get picked up for my social outing?
    Yes CORE will agree a pickup location (normally home, school, work,) and a drop you off at home or the agreed point. Within your cost for the service transport is included. DOOR to DOOR Pickup No need to use a taxi service when you use CORE Respite Services!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Do you provide personal care?
    Unfortunately due to the nature of the service we provide, we are out in the community so therefore we do not have facilities to provide such a service. Also due to Insurance restrictions we cannot provide personal care at this time.